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Year Season


A B C D Sunday
2017 Fall
2016 Fall n/a Dirt Devils Grumpy Cats Caught Looking n/a n/a
Summer Angry Pandas Whammies 36ers Donkeys The Ballz
2015 Fall n/a Team Thirsty n/a Scrubs Matt's Team Beavers n/a
Summer Angry Pandas Scrubs Grumpy Cats Red Tide The Ballz
2014 Fall n/a Angry Pandas n/a Scrubs n/a Winthrop Wallbangers
Summer Angry Pandas Geminis Gwayaks Red Tide Winthrop Wallbangers
2013 Fall n/a Angry Pandas Geminis Makisupa Ball Busters
Summer Dirt Devils Braver .415 Club Sour Carolines Sons of Pitches
2012 Fall n/a Angry Pandas Red Squirrels The Scrubs 21 Outs Til Beer
Summer Angry Pandas Big Ten Braver .415 Club Jay's Underdogs
2011 Fall n/a Nexus Free Agents Steamboats
Summer n/a Buff's Pub Rez Sox

21 Nickels

Formal Ballers
2010 Fall n/a O'Leary's Pub Free Agents Decepticons Slumpbusters/

Dairyland Greyhounds

Summer Steamboats Nice Peepers Low Ballers Pirates
2009 Fall n/a Gashouse Gorillas Steamboats Matt's Team Ballbusters
Summer Gashouse Gorillas West Street Tavern The Whammies Randy Watson All-Stars Shootahs
2008 Fall


Gashouse Gorillas

Free Agents


Ball Busters

Summer Diamond Devils Buff's Pub Do It TBD-CSC Dizzy Llamas
2007 Fall n/a Gashouse Gorillas The Whammies Rick Rude Boys Ballbusters
Summer Diamond Devils Master Batters Do It Total Disarray Uno Dos Adios
2006 Fall n/a Gashouse Gorillas Angry Pandas EZE Castle Integration Uno Dos Adios
Summer Gashouse Gorillas Buff's Pub Brew Crew Ligers Dirty Sanchez
2005 Fall Gashouse Gorillas Stray Dogs Hyde Park Humdingers Dukes of Hazzard Uno Dos Adios
Summer Gashouse Gorillas Putnam Stifler's Mom C-Dogs Taz Attack
2004 Fall Gashouse Gorillas Taz Attack Brigham & Women's n/a Taz Attack
Summer Mean Machine Putnam Free Agents SPEC
2003 Fall The Pounders Taz Attack Junkyard Dogs n/a
Summer The Pounders Belmont Bombers Whammies Palm Pilots
2002 Fall The Pounders The Heard CSC Drunkin' Clams
Summer Diamond Devils Community
Waaay Backs The Whammies
2001 Fall Boozers Community
Summer New Jack 
Mudville 10
(aka Asset Mortgage)
North Suffolk
2000 Fall New Jack 
Brew Crew Wildcats ?
Summer Diamond Devils Taz Attack Fishbones RSA
1999 Fall Spin Doctors Team Excitement
(aka Swinging Monkeys)
Krushers ?
Summer Team
Taz Attack KC and the 
Softball Band
1998 Summer Diamond Devils ? ? ?
1997 Summer Mean Machine Team Napoleon SQUASH ?
1996 Summer Diamond Devils ? ? ?
1995 Summer Diamond Devils Pay The Cup ? ?
1994 Summer Diamond Devils Taz Attack Pay The Cup ?

Champion's Info

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