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Hot Corner


May 3, 2008

Directions to Albemarle, Danehy and Evans have been moved to the "Directions to Fields" section.


Also, the ASA NON-Approved Bat List hyperlink has been updated to show all illegal bats as of 2008.  Go to Rule 16.1 and select the link for ASA Banned Bats.  Any player using an illegal bat will be declared out, the bat removed form the game and the team warned.  A second use of the bat will result in the offending player being declared out and ejected from the game.

April 25, 2008

Directions to Rogers Park have been added to the  "Directions to Fields" section.

August 10, 2006

There is absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages at any fields during BWCS games.  Any teams found drinking alcohol during games will automatically forfeit the game for a first time offense.  If a team is found to be drinking alcohol a second time, they will be expelled from the league.  No exceptions!

April 25, 2004

Please take note of a new rule (16.1) regarding legal softball bat specifications for use in the BWCS League.  No bat shall exceed a BPF of 1.20.  The BPF is clearly labeled on all ASA approved softball bats.  This is also an ASA rule and is intended for the safety of all BWCS participants.



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